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eMule Mod that makes the most out of your bandwidth


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eMule Xtreme is an eMule mod, an improved version of this P2P file sharing client that makes the most out of your bandwidth.

It has been modified so that only computers with an IDAlta have access to the network, in others words only those whose connection is not blocked by a firewall or in which the network adapter has its ports open.

The most important changes have been made in its network section. Access the Preferences menu on eMule Xtreme and click on the two new options located in the lower section.

The most interesting feature on eMule Xtreme is, without a doubt, the option to block leechers, users who only download files and don’t share anything with the rest of the community.

eMule Xtreme also allows for dynamic bandwidth control, reattempting failed TCP/IP connections, establishing the eMule process priority, an upload file cue, the opening of more connections if needed, etc.

You can change the language in the 'General' option on the 'Preferences' menu.

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